Why use PrimedIO?

Product, offer and content recommendation services to help retailers and other businesses nurture and increase conversion. Often these services work as a blackbox giving you no clue what is going on under the hood. And, if they do, they are a basic implementation of a collaborative filter (“persons like you have watched…”, “persons who bought this also bought…”). While this may be a great first step, it has nothing to do with personalization.

We believe that personalization is about understanding your clients as individuals (not segments or focus groups, etc), their context (time of day, location), their mood and your business.

We believe that no one will better understand your business than you do.

And, we believe that a single recommender cannot describe human behavior perfectly.

That’s why we created PrimedIO. PrimedIO empowers your data scientists to create and update multimodal recommendation models and bring these into production in real-time. PrimedIO empowers your business owners to deliver a dynamic, top industry true 1:1 personalized experience to end users. All this with canary releases, human friendly dashboards and visuals, and intelligently scalable from a thousand to millions of users.

Proudly we present that our first client will be…. RTL Netherlands, the largest television broadcaster in the Netherlands, owner of Videoland, Buienradar, SpotX, Bright, RTL Nieuws and many others. Let the fun begin!

What next?