Real-time 1:1 personalizaton delivery platform

Container agnostic deploys

Your models to production

Fast and often release intelligent models in your production. Integrates with all major data science and big data components to avoid vendor lock-in.

Easy canary releasing

AB testing & canary releasing

Don’t trust your gut, trust the data. Continously measure the uplift of each of your models on conversion, pageviews or any other metric you define.

Powerful autoscaling

Powerful autoscaling

Scale up to 1000s of pageviews per second using our battletested autoscaling infrastructure. Easy to integrate in your data science pipelines.

PrimedIO friends

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What more do we offer

Graphical UI and dashboards for clear information and easy management

Javascript based workflow for capturing user behaviour, conversion and personalization

Integrated metrics and events system exposed in real-time

Automatic scaling of all services can handle all traffic

Easy canary releases and AB testing of intelligent models

Built in statistical analysis of page impressions, conversion and other KPI's

Apache 2.0 opensource license for all client libraries

Real-time updated metrics on usage and conversion

Personalization framework helps you target a N=1 audience

Technology Partners

PrimedIO works with

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure